Special Education


The Department of Special Education was set up at AIISH in April 2005.With the advancement in the field of special education, the task force in the department is geared towards offering the best possible educational services and training programmes. The staff of the department is involved in training students of Diploma, Under-graduate and Post-graduate courses in Special Education, conducting institutional and collaborative research, offering special educational services to children with special needs, guidance and counseling to caregivers, disseminating information and resources to other professionals, and empowering caregivers.

Aims and objectives

The Department of Special Education strives towards the ultimate goal of educational mainstreaming of children with communication disorders through efforts towards inclusive education. The department endeavors to realize this goal through achievement of the following objectives:

  • Human resource development in the field of special education of children with communication disorders.
  • Providing quality special educational services to the children with communication disorders.
  • Promoting research and development work in the field of special education.
  • To disseminate information on aspects relevant to special educational, services through orientation and sensitization programmes, short-term training programmes and workshops to various target groups around the country.

Faculty Members / Staff

Photo Name
Dr. Prithi Venkatesh
Associate Professor and Head - Department of Special Education
Ph Off : 2502570
Email: prithivenkatesh@aiishmysore.in
Dr. Santosh Yadav
Assistant Professor in Special Education
Ph Off : 2502244
Email: santoshdy@aiishmysore.in
Ms. P.V. Ramanakumari
Special Educator
Ph Off : 2519
Email: pvramanakumari@aiishmysore.in
Ms. Sumana H.P.
Special Educator
Ph Off : 0821 2502569
Email: sumanahp@aiishmysore.in
Ms. Kumudha R.
Special Educator
Ph Off : 0821 2502569
Email: kumudhaprakash@gmail.com
Ms. K. Anjana
Special Educator
Ph Off : 0821 2502569
Email: anjana691@gmail.com
Ms. S. Vijayalakshmi
Special Educator
Ph Off : 0821 2502569
Email: vinichampa@gmail.com
Dr. Kadambari Naniwadekar
Special Educator
Ph Off : 0821 2502567
Email: kadambari@aiishmysore.in
Ms. Sreevidya M. S.
Special Educator
Ph Off : 0821 2502569
Email: sree.sreevidya.sree@gmail.com
Ms. Leena. C.C.
Special Educator
Ph Off : 2502569
Email: leenaarun45@gmail.com
Ms. Shobha B.N.
Special Educator
Ph Off : 2502569
Email: shosujanasss2004@yahoo.co.in
Mr. Rajkumar R.
Special Educator
Ph Off : 2502569
Email: rajkumar_rim@yahoo.co.in
Mr. Balu M.
Specail Educator
Ph Off : 2502569
Email: baluaiish18@gmail.com
Ms. Lakshmi. S
Special Educator
Ph Off : 2502569
Email: lakshmisharan@gmail.com
Mr. Sandesh.S.C
Assistant Grade III
Ph Off : 2502566
Email: sandeshaiish@gmail.com



A) Human Resource Development

The department is involved in human resource development to teach children with hearing impairment at preschool level, in inclusive schools and special schools, to carry out training programs and need based research.

Long Term Training Programmes

  • DECSE-HI: Diploma in Early Childhood Special Education – (Hearing Impairment)
  • B.Ed.Spl.Ed.(HI): Bachelors of Education in Special Education (Hearing Impairment)
  • M.Ed.Spl.Ed.(HI): Master of Education in Special Education (Hearing Impairment)
  • Ph.D in Special Education

Short Term Training programmes

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Parent Help Parents Programme (PHPP)

B) Special Educational Service Delivery for Children with Communication Disorders


In order to achieve the mission of mainstreaming children with special needs various educational services such as Special Educational Assessment Unit (SEA-U), Parent Infant Programme (PIP), Preschool Parent Empowerment Programme (PPEP), Preschool Programme, Preschool Supplementary Services (PSS), Group Educational Guidance Service (GEGS), Individualized Education Programme (IEP), Curricular Support Services (CSS), Non-formal education (NFE), Demonstration Educational Training (DET) and Guidance and Counselling are provided to children with communication disorders and their caregivers are provided.
Parents / caregivers are empowered to manage children with special needs through training for parallel teaching in preschool. Their knowledge base is enriched through periodic orientation programme. Practical training is also provided to them in developing special teaching-learning material for children with communication disorders. In addition, basic literacy and computer literacy programme are also provided. The details of the various services are shown in Figure 1

Core Educational Services

Auxiliary Services

Support Services for Caregivers & Educators

Events in the Department

1. Summer Camp

2. Annual Day

3. Independence Day

4. Down's Syndrome Day celebration

5.International Yoda Day

6. Republic Day

7.Health Camp

8. International Day of People with Disability (IDPWD)

9.Orientation programme as part of IQAC

10.Parent Enrichment Programs(PEP) 

11.Parents Help Parents Program (PHPP)

12.Seminars/Workshops/CRE organized 

13.Staff Enrichment Programs 

14.Caregivers Computer Training Program








Resources and Infrastructure


  • HOD Chamber
  • Office - 1 cabin
  • Faculty rooms - 2 rooms
  • Staff room - 1 room with 10 shared cubicles
  • SEA – U 2 cabins
  • Class rooms - 21 rooms
  • Computer training room
  • Audio Visual room with mirrored walls and audio visual display facilities
  • LiBoToy - 1 room and display corridor
  • SUMERU - 2 Sound treated rooms
  • 1 Parent Infant Program - 1 room and open space in hall
  • Edutech Lab - 1 room
  • Equipment room - 1 room
  • Teaching Learning Material room
  • Prayer hall

First floor/Terrace

  • Get –together-cum-recreational area
  • U-SAFE
  • 1 Sensory material room
  • 1 Sand play station
  • 1 Dark room for visual stimulation 


  • Smart board with activstudio software
  • FM hearing aids 

Video of resouce material