Department of Audiology at All India Institute of speech and hearing has one of the biggest Audiological setup in south East Asia. It encloses more than 20 testing units where more than 20 patients can be tested at a time. Department is equipped with most advanced state of art equipments from worlds renowned Audiological equipment manufacturers for performing Audiological testing , Audiological facility of the department includes most advanced present generation audiometers for performing pure tone audiometry , speech audiometry , Visual reinforcement audiometry, other behavioural testing. Department has also equipped with most advanced physiological and electrophysiological & Vestibular testing including advanced immittance audiometry, otoacoutic emission equipment Auditory electrophysiological Equipments ENG, VNG. Video Head Impulse test to carry out the above testing procedures. Apart from this department is having facilities for advanced auditory research equipped with advanced multichannel (256 Channels) EEG Equipments for carrying out advanced doctoral research in the area of hearing and hearing related disorders. And also Department has separate electrophysiology lab, psychoacoustic lab, localization unit for training UG & PG students in those respective areas.