At the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing. The Department of Otorhinolaryngology is the only medical and surgical department of the institute.  It offers ENT Diagnostic, therapeutic, medical management, surgical procedures to patients suffering from ENT problems.  The Department is equipped with the most advanced state-of-the-art facility like ENT workstation, operating microscopes and endoscopes.  About 300-350 patients are evaluated every day.  There are about 6 well qualified ENT surgeons and 6 well qualified nursing officers.  The department offers complete oncological workup for ENT cancers, procedures like foreign body removal, removal of kerotosis obturans are done as ENT outpatient service.  The department also offers nasal endoscopy, oto endoscopy, laryngeal endoscopy, stroboscopy for various ENT ailments. The department also run a specialized clinic every Wednesday for vertigo evaluation. This lab offers facilities like Electronystagmography, Videonystagmography and VEMP.  The department also runs Out Patient Services and offers operative, and inpatient facilities for ENT patients requiring admission and surgery at KR Hospital attached to Mysore Medical College & Research Institute.  
The department also houses a health centre to provide medical facilities to students and staff of the institute.  

The diagnostic instruments used for evaluation of patients are sterilized under strict auto claving procedures.
The biomedical waste is also disposed in a  systematic way according to NABH standards.

  • The departments offers facilities for disabilities certification of patients for various purposes like pension, concession, license, LIC, reimbursement and medical certificate.

The department also participates in camp organized by the institute.  The department also houses a temporal bone dissection lab for surgeons to improve their surgical skills.

Aims and objectives

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology is a well equipped, specialized branch of medical sciences offering training, clinical services, research, public education and rehabilitation to patients with communication disorders. It also offers training to B.Sc. (Speech and Hearing), M.Sc. (Audiology), M.Sc. (SLP) and Short Term, training courses for MS ENT Post graduates.   It is involved in the primary objective of the Institute.

The students pursuing undergraduate & post-graduate courses in the institute are taught theory and they observe clinical outpatient procedures in treating patients with communication disorders. The clinical signs and symptoms of patients with communication disorders are demonstrated to the students with aids like microscope and endoscope high definition camera system. The students are given orientation to work in hospital setup and emphasis is given on multidisciplinary team approach in treatment of patients with communication disorders.


    1. The department of Otorhinolaryngology offers diagnostic services to various ear, nose and throat diseases. On an average about 150 microscopic examinations and 20 endoscopies are done every day. The department offers diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical treatment to about 300-350 patients per day. Minor procedures like suction clearance of ear discharge, removal of foreign bodies, removal of wax, chemical cauterization of perforation are done.
    2. Endoscopic evaluation of voice, evaluation of vertiginous patients are also the  activities of the department.
    3. The department of ENT, runs a separate unit (AIISH, ENT ‘D’ unit) at K.R Hospital attached to Mysore Medical College, it conducts ENT out patient services every Thursday and major and minor operations are performed on Friday.
    4. Inpatient facilities are being provided at KR Hospital for AIISH patients.
    5. ENT ‘D’ unit, has 20 bedded facility. Patients at the Institute who need surgery are evaluated and operated at K.R. Hospital.

The department of ENT AIISH, Mysore, provides a comprehensive care in evaluation and management of patients with Vertigo.  The team comprises of ENT Surgeons, Neurologist, Audiologist, and Staff Nurse.  It is run regularly on Wednesdays about 6 patients are evaluated.   The beneficiaries are all patients with peripheral and central vertigo. 

     The faculty are involved in conducting  evidence based research projects.  The Research projects have either intramural/extramural funding.
     The faculty also are involved in public education through camps, FM Radio & TV  program and  public education videos.