Department of Electronics serves as the technical backbone of the institute. This will take care of power system management , computerization and networking, repair and calibration of equipment and also involved in design and development of new devices and development of software as per the requirement from the other departments.

Aims and objectives

  • To provide the technical support in design and development of new equipment/gadgets
  • To improve in rehabilitation of hearing impaired and those who have problems in communication disorders.
  • Human resource development

Faculty Members / Staff

Photo Name
Shri. N. Manohar M.Tech
Reader and HOD
Ph Off : 2502205 /2502200
Email: manohar@aiishmysore.in
Dr. Ajish K. Abraham ME, Ph.D
Dean (Infrastructure) & Professor of Electronics and Acoustics
Ph Off : 2502001
Email: ajish68@aiishmysore.in
Mr. Karthik Venkat Sridharan, B.E, M.S
Speech Technologist
Ph Off : 2502333
Email: karthik@aiishmysore.in
Mr. S. S. Purushothama M.Sc.
Junior Technical Officer
Ph Off : 2502206
Email: purshi@aiishmysore.in
Mrs. V. T. Kalaiselvi M.Tech, MCA, M.Phil,Advance Diploma in RDBMS
Junior Technical Officer
Ph Off : 2502210
Email: kalaiselvi@aiishmysore.in
Mr. M S Ravi Shankar., B.E.,PG Diploma in Industrial Automation
Junior Technical Officer
Ph Off : 2502210
Email: ravishankar@aiishmysore.in
Mr. Abhishek T E., M.Sc
Junior Technical Officer
Ph Off : 2502212
Email: abhishek2990@aiishmysore.in
Shri Sivakumar P, DEE
Ph Off : 2502207
Mr.Vikram A, B.E
Ph Off : 2502292
Mr.Govinda Shetty
Mr.Naveen Kumar


A. Teaching & Training

  • Recognised Centre by VIT University, Vellore, Manipal University, Manipal & VTU Belgaum for project work of M.Tech students.
  • Recognised Centre by VIT University, Vellore, Manipal University, Manipal & VTU Belgaum for project work of B.Tech students.
  • Recognised Centre by Ministry of Human Resources Development for Apprenticeship Training of Graduates & Diploma holders in Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  • Diploma Program in Hearing Aid and Earmould Technology.

B. In-House Activities

  • Design, Implementation and Management of video conference set up for distance education & rehabilitation programs
  • Calibration of Diagnostic Audiology equipments
  • Repair, Maintenance and servicing of all types of Biomedical instruments in Speech & Hearing
  • Management and Maintenance of Data and voice communication systems, computer networks, electrical systems and power distribution network
  • Repair, servicing and Electro-acoustic evaluation of all types of hearing aids
  • Acoustic noise measurement
  • Indigenous technology development of Biomedical instruments in Speech and Hearing
  • Human Resources Development
  • Issue of hearing aids under ADIP Scheme
  • Testing & Issue of all types of hearing aids under concessional Scheme

C. External Consultancy Services

  • Center of Rehabilitation Engineering for developing aids and devices based on custom needs of persons with communication disorders.
  • Acoustic noise measurement of industrial units, machines, office equipment, traffic noise, environmental noise etc. and issue of noise audit certificates
  • Calibration and repair of diagnostic Audiological equipments.
  • Guidance in establishing sound proof rooms for Audiological testing.
  • Electro acoustic evaluation of hearing aids and audiometric transducers.
  • Testing and certification of Audiometric test room.
  • Measurement of all building acoustic parameters

Resources and infrastructure

The department has well-equipped labs with state-of-the-art technology

  • Computerized Speech Laboratory (CSL 4500)
  • Echo time measurement setup
  • B&K Pulse Sound and Vibration Analyzer
  • Calibration is set for all types of diagnostic audiology equipment
  • B & K NOISE measurement and analysis setup
  • Larsen and Davis established for acoustic noise audits
  • Adjust for acoustic analysis of hearing aid output
  • Phonics systems for electroacoustic evaluation of hearing aids
  • HIPRO for Programming Digital Hearing Aids
  • Set up and turn table for manikin psychoacoustic analysis
  • Sound proof room as per ANSI standards for all types of noise measurements
  • Digital Electronics Lab with DSP and Microcontroller Development System
  • Analog and Digital Electronics Lab