Material Development


        The Materials Development Department was established in March 2003 with the main objective of developing materials for the public and professionals regarding the prevention, identification and management of various communication disorders. In addition, the Department develops public education materials about the various rights and welfare measures available to persons with communication disorders. To disseminate information to people from different linguistic backgrounds, material has been developed in different Indian languages. Material development in a department is usually done by collecting information from major departments, workshops, or other sources. The material is developed in such a way that dissemination of information can be done through various means like word of mouth, orientation, street plays, pamphlets, booklets, books, murals, video and radio, the department will copy. Testing and treatment materials and training materials available in video format for communication disorders and other stakeholders.

Aims and Objectives

Being a service department, the main objectives of DMD are:

  • To produce materials in the area of communication disorders.
  • To provide printing, scanning, graphic designing, photography, videography, copywriting, translation services and technical support and to adopt a policy of delivering requested services in good quality and on time.

Faculty Members / Staff

Photo Name
DR. T Jayakumar
Associate Professor – Speech-Science Head
Ph Off : 2166
Mr. Sandesh S.C
Assistant Grade III (A/F)
Ph Off : 2156
Ms. Prathyusha P.
Ph Off : 2156


  • The Department handles printing of educational materials
  • Captures organization activities through photography
  • Video recording of clinical training and various activities conducted in the institute
  • Designing public education materials to create awareness about communication disorders and publication and training materials for conferences, workshops, seminars organized by the organization. This includes the production and design of pamphlets, brochures, posters, books and booklets, invitation cards, certificates, annual reports, CD stickers, handbills and others.
  • Bridges the gap between experts and target audiences through creative and effective writing
  • Developing content for public education regarding prevention, identification and management of communication disorders in various languages
  • Developing training material for persons with communication disorders
  • Translation of existing public education and teaching materials in different languages

Facilities/infrastructural resources

  • Photography/ Video recording equipment
  • Equipment for printing and duplicating of test/therapy materials
  • Software to design pamphlets, brochures, posters etc.,
  • Facilities (equipment & acoustic treated booth) for professional audio recording