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AIISH Arogya Vani (AAV)

  • AIISH Arogya Vani is an orientation program conducted to create awareness among the general public on various communication disorders and to throw light on the prevention and early identification of speech and hearing problems such as hearing impairment, speech problems, stammering, autism, learning disability, voice problems etc. in both children and adults. Such problems can seriously impact the quality of life of such individuals and their families.
  • Participants for AAV can be from any professional background or even from the general public 
  • Persons attending this orientation serves as bridge between individuals with speech and hearing problems and the service providers.
  • Another important objective is to orient the public about the institutional activities and academic courses offered in the field of speech and hearing. These academic programs are meant for students after completing 12th grade. Most of the time, students consider only medical and engineering as their future professions. This course also has great physical demand and good job opportunities within the country and globally.
  • In addition, this initiative strives to boost awareness of facilities and benefits provided by the National Health Programs for persons with disability 
  • The orientation program will be followed by institute visit
  • Total duration of the AAV program will be approximately 1 - 1:30 hours 
  • The AAV orientation program is a free-of-cost program; no fee is charged to anyone.

For participating in AIISH Arogya Vani (AAV) orientation program, kindly click on the link given below, and provide the details and we will get back to you soon.