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The Various sections of the Portal

If you are a student and aspiring to get admission into AIISH, then this is the section where you could get all the information about various courses offered by us in. We have covered every aspect of admission including latest announcements, online application forms, and prospectus. WE also have information on post admission procedures.

The research wing provides all the information relating to multidisciplinary research in the area of speech and hearing. You will get to know about the guidelines to apply for research, research paper formats, ongoing projects and funding information.

Gives you complete snapshot of departments in AIISH, their objectives, faculty information, their research activity and the contact person details.

If you are visiting AIISH as for a seminar, you are guest faculty, you have come for therapy or student looking for hostel facilities then you have all the information in this section to plan your stay.

If you are looking as AIISH publication like dissertations, books and publications by AIISH faculty you have come to the right place. You can also access the library information centre through our website

Contact Us:
This page gives you the list of all of our administrative contact person information.

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