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डॉ प्रिया एम.बी.

डॉ प्रिया एम.बी.

वाक् विज्ञान में व्याख्याता, वाक्‍ - भाषा दोष विभाग

ईमेल: priyamb26@aiishmysore.in

फोन कार्यालय: 2502846

Dr. Priya M. B. is a Speech Language Pathologist with 13 years of experience in the field. She is currently working as Assistant Professor in Speech Pathology, Dept. of SLP, AIISH. Her main areas of interest are Child Language Disorders, Bi/Multilingualism, Phonology and its disorders.

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Title of the Project

Principal Investigator


Funding agency


(in Rs)



Stimulability Assessment as an Outcome Measure of Phonological Intervention in Kannada Speaking Children with Speech Sound Disorders

Dr. Priya M. B.

Dr. Sreedevi N.

ARF, AIISH, Mysore


1 year

Report to be submitted


Auditory Processing in children with Speech Sound Disorders

Dr. Chandni Jain

Dr. Priya M. B.

ARF, AIISH, Mysore


1 year



Product Development of Useful Products of Research carried out at AIISH

Dr. Prashanth Prabhu &

Dr. Priya M. B.

Dr. Shijith Kumar C

ARF, AIISH, Mysore


14 months



Survey of Communication Disorders by Trained ASHA Workers in the Districts of Mysore, Mandya and Chamarajanagar

Dr. S. R. Savithri

Dr. R. Rajasudhakar & Dr. Priya M. B.

Plan Project



Report submitted


Sequel of Auditory Dys-synchrony on Speech Production

Ms. Priya M.B.

Dr. Sandeep M.

ARF, AIISH, Mysore


18 months



Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals – Preschool (2nd Edition) for Kannada – speaking English Language Learners

Ms. Priya M.B.


ARF, AIISH, Mysore


20 months



Development of Verbal Test of Attention in Children – Phase 1

Ms. Priya M. B

Ms. Sangeetha M & Dr. S. Venkateshan

ARF, AIISH, Mysore


1 year



Screening and Diagnostic test materials and Intervention Manuals for Speech and Language Disorders

Dr. S.P.Goswami

Dr. S. R. Savithri  & Ms. Priya M.B

ARF, AIISH, Mysore


6 months


Sl. No.




Assistant Professor in Speech Pathology


All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Manasagangothri, Mysore

25.04.2022 – till date

Lecturer in Speech Sciences (Contract)

12.07.2016 – 22.04.2022

Clinical Supervisor

18.12.2012 – 11.07.2016

Speech Language Pathologist - Grade II

05.05.2010 – 17.12.2012

Speech Language Pathologist - Grade I (Contract)

09.08.2009 – 04.05.2010

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