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Department of Audiology
Faculty Name Areas of Interest
Mr. Sujeet Kumar Sinha
Dr. Sujeet Kumar Sinha
Reader in Audiology and HOD
Ph: 2502361

Electrophysiology, Diagnostic Audiology, Vestibular System, Auditory Neuropathy
Prof. Asha Yathiraj
Dr. Asha Yathiraj
Professor of Audiology
Ph: 2502180
Rehabilitative Audiology, Educational Audiology, Auditory Processing Disorders, Paediatric Audiology, Speech Perception, Cochlear Implants
Dr. P. Manjula
Professor in Audiology
Ph: 2502183
Rehabilitation Technology, Amplification Devices, Cochlear Implants
Dr. K. Rajalakshmi Dr. K. Rajalakshmi
Professor in Audiology
Ph off: 2502190
Mob: 9342187872
Psychoacoustics, Sign Language, Amplification Devices, Auditory Processing Disorders, Music perception.
Dr. Animesh Barman
Dr. Animesh Barman
Professor in Audiology
Ph: 2502181
Auditory Physiology, Diagnostic Audiology
Dr. Ajith Kumar U
Dr. Ajith Kumar U
Professor in Audiology
Ph: 2502586
Speech perception Diagnostic Audiology
Dr. Sandeep M
Dr. Sandeep.M
Associate Professor
Ph: 2502230
Auditory Evoked Potentials, Diagnostic Audiology, Otoacoustic emissions, Speech processing
Mr. Prawin Kumar
Dr. Prawin Kumar
Associate Professor
Ph: 2502582

Electrophysiology, Auditory Processing Disorders, Rehabilitative Audiology
Dr. N. Devi Dr. N. Devi
Reader in Audiology
Ph off: 2502359
Mob: 9480442139
Educational Audiology, Rehabilitative Audiology and Paediatric Audiology.
Mr. Niraj Kumar Singh
Dr. Niraj Kumar Singh
Reader in Audiology
Ph: 2502582
Diagnostic Audiology, Paediatric Audiology Electrophysiology, Speech Perception, Auditory physiology
Dr. C. Geetha
Dr. C. Geetha
Reader in Audiology
Ph off: 2502352
Mob: 9986348229
Rehabilitative technology, Implantable devices, Tinnitus and Hyperacusis.
Ms. Chandni Jain
Dr. Chandni Jain
Reader in Audiology
Ph: 2502358
Diagnostic audiology, Paediatric audiology, Auditory processing disorders
Ms. N. M. Mamatha
Ms. N. M. Mamatha
Assistant Professor in Audiology
Ph Off : 2502197
Diagnostic Audiology, Rehabilitative Audiology
Mr. Sreeraj K
Dr. Sreeraj K
Assistant Professor in Audiology
Ph: 2502579
Amplification devices, Auditory neuropathy, Anatomy and physiology of Auditory system
Dr. Prashanth Prabhu P
Dr. Prashanth Prabhu P
Assistant Professor in Audiology
Ph off: 2502589
Mob: 8904353390
Tinnitus and Hyperacusis, Auditory physiology, Amplification devices.
K.V. Nisha
Dr. K.V. Nisha, Ph.D.
Scientist B
Electrophysiology, High-density electroencephalography, Auditory Physiology, Psychoacoustics, Spatial perception
Contract Staff
Mr. Hemanth N Shetty
Dr. Hemanth N Shetty
Reader in Audiology
Ph: 2502581
Hearing aids & Electrophysiology
Mr. Ganapathy M K
Dr. Ganapathy M K
Lecturer in Audiology
Ph: 2502589
Diagnostic Audiology, Electrophysiology & Pediatric Audiology
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